Serenity Lakeview Farms Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Corp

is creating a rescue and rehabilitation center for horses.
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About Serenity Lakeview Farms Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Corp

At Serenity Lakeview Farms Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Corp we don't just rescue and rehab horses, we also work with community members who are having a challenging time with the financial upkeep or training of their horses in order to reduce instances of those horses ending up in bad situations -  like the local auctions where they are almost always purchased by a feedlot (killbuyer). We provide feed and veterinary assistance to those that want to keep their horses but are having difficulties, and we provide free training sessions for those having behavioral difficulties with their horses but cannot afford typical trainer fees.

We also take in equines- the hopeless cases. The forgotten, the sick, the blind... the ones who have no hope left. We rehabilitate these guys, retrain/refresh their training, and if able find them new homes. 

We are currently in the process of closing in our large barn to give us the stalls we need for the three emaciated horses by the time severe weather hits. We have 18 more acres to clear and fence that will allow more paddocks and enable us to bring more desperate cases to the farm, and we need the arena completed for training, and so that potential adopters have a safe area to meet and greet with their potential new equine partner. 

We would like to continue to build on our public assistance program to prevent these guys from ever ending up starved, or on a feed truck. This is where you can help! 

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When we reach 250 patrons, we can hire some help on the farm so that I can focus on our public assistance and training needs
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