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The first step to freedom

A Crystal Reading. The first step to become aware of your gifts and  challenges. You also get once a week a personal awareness exercise to  ease your journey

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Freedom from oneself

All the Trust benefits as well as a Personal guidance once a month which  includes a specific reading and exercises as well as a personalized  meditation to move you along your journey to personal freedom

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With this I offer you a reading, weekly awareness exercises, a once a week personal call to guide you through the rapids of growth as well as a one time gift of a beneficial crystal which will be programmed to your specific needs




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About vinaya siff

Vinaya is a Karmic Awareness Catalyst and Spiritual Advisor. He is an initiated 4th level Andean healer, energy healer and a self-taught psychic reader. He applies his exceptional connection with gems and minerals to act as a medium to channel information from his clients’ higher self and the mineral kingdom. With a keen psychic ability, he receives messages about his clients’ evolutionary path, their gifts and challenges as well as energetic outcomes of the various choices they could make in their lives. Vinaya has been empowering people by helping them find clarity for over 25 years, as well as guiding them on their path.
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This is not the primary goal, although money is needed to survive in this world! So there is that. My major goal is to share my way of living, a content and celebratory life which we all can achieve!  My experience of 40 years, on a spiritual growth path makes me able to share tools and ways to be YOU! That is my main goal.
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