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Stephen gets a nice solid cast iron 10 hp air compressor for no cost to him. Wanna help me with the expense of the compressor and delivery freight? Then just join this tier and let it go for what you can. 
Stephen deserves that air compressor!
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Step up a bit and help with the cost of this compressor, my added three phase converter, and delivery. Let the donation run for as long as you want, or turn it off till I donate another piece of gear you like. 
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I had a number of people contact me and generously want to contribute to my air compressor gift to Stephen Cox's channel. I told them sure! "Buy my book on building three phase converters. It's on Amazon."

Initially, I was hoping that by gifting this compressor to Stephen I could get some good publicity and book sales would cover some of the costs. But I hadn't figured on the loyalty of Stephen's subscribers.

Right away some told me they didn't need the book and just wanted to put a little money my way in support of Stephen. I started to think about that and it sounded good to me. Especially since Amazon keeps over 50 percent of the book price.

After I saw people wanting to contribute, I started thinking maybe I should continue on with this idea and make a business out of it, such as donating equipment to worthy channels. Giving stuff away for free! That has got to be a good business plan.
I have more equipment and I am mulling over what to work on next. 

 A big hearty thanks to all of you who do contribute. Giving it to Stephen is sure more fun than selling it on Craigslist.

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