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Thanks for stopping by The "WAHD" Report. Pronounced "wad" like a wad of money, is my best (and that's saying something) attempt at a play on words. The acronym, however, stands for something far more critical. WAHD=Work at Home Dad. This focused financial report will cover a wide range of topics including but certainly not limited to my thoughts on equities that are in my portfolio while adding in some financial and other investing tips to try and help you live the most prosperous life you can. Oh, and who can resist a cute smiling baby, so off course I'll bring you along my journey as a WAHD! 

I hope to have a good mix of patrons here, some of you I may know from childhood/ or grade school/ while others may know me from my other gig, a content creator for Awesemo.com part of the fast-growing sports betting/DFS industry.  

Looking to learn more about me as a person, and just who am I? Click here to read my short post about my personal side.

How about why I think I am credible enough to write about finances? Then this post about my professional experience is what you should read! Click here. 

So, What you can expect to see in the report every three weeks:

 My goal with this newsletter is to increase the financial knowledge base of anyone that is interested. Whether you are a young 30 something year old that has good savings and wants to invest or buy a house, an 18-year-old just getting into the world of finance, or a retired person looking for new ideas. Or really anyone in between, I hope to bring something to the table for everyone. So what I've created is a five-step newsletter, one that has clearly defined steps in each, so that if you have already a good financial knowledge base, you can skip ahead, and if you don't you know you don't have to progress further! Here are the five steps you can expect to see. 

  • Step 1- General Finance Topic: Can and will include financial tips that can range from general budgeting to simple tax advice to other financial topics!
  •  Step 2-  Investing in the Stock Market: This section can include 
    • Types of investment accounts
    • Types of investments 
    • How to place Trades 
    • Etc. 
  • Step 3- My Portfolio & how to track it. 
  • Step 4- Stock Spotlight
  • Step 5 Options Investing & complex investing strategies. 

I hope that the WAHD report brings value to you and helps you live the most prosperous life you can! 

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