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Hello everyone!

-Concept art from our game Beacon The Awakening-

We are a small indepentent game making "company"  called Sheldrybox Studios, we create fun, artistic and quality videogames and apps because we love entertain people, and we love the videogame industry as a whole, we want to be a part of it and bring our country to the spotlight.

as of right now all of the members of Sheldrybox Studios work as  freelance designers and animators to get through all the expenses that making this kind of content require, this takes away a significant ammount of time that would be better used for the develoment process of our games. adding to all of this is the fact that we have no financial backing since we are completely independent and our first real product will launch this year after 3 years in the making makes working extremely difficult.

All of this really prevent us doing what we love full time: create art and creative content to entertain awesome people like you (and publishing in all plataforms other than pc/steam ) that's why we are opening a patreon, so you can help us this last few months of development with all the content making process, that way we can bring you more quality in a faster way (Because currently the entire project is carried out by a small team with awful computers, outdated equipment and financial troubles), but more importantly, we will be able to give you frequent videos, games, apps and much more!.

Currently we are working in our first "real game" called "Beacon The Awakening" we've been developing the game for about three years now, it features frame by frame animation, original beautiful music, hand painted backgrounds and an incredible story! see more at:

-Concept art from our game Beacon The Awakening-

Feel free to donate us whatever ammount you want, this monthly money will help us to play for extra work, licenses, testers and even the coffe that some of us really need after 18 consecutive hours of non-stop work.

So check us out at, and if you like it, please help us!

Thank you <3

-Part of the Sheldrybox Studios Team-
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With 50 monthly dollars we can start paying for monthly Unity licenses, making us less dependant on kickstarter and making the development process of our games lightyears faster.
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