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Hey Everybody my name is Jason and I've spent the last few years trying to learn the ins and outs of 3D modeling and 3D art, and i can tell you that one of the first things i learned is that you either need to be ready to spend a pile of money on High Quality Assets and read lengthy usage contracts or be ready to spend days of tedious monotony modeling asset after asset for each and every scene you try to make.


     I learned (and i am still learning) 3D art on a budget and i cant count the time i spent modeling stupid things like grass, dishes, or a wall panel for a spaceship just because a nice assets pack was $100 or more and trying to hunt down high quality assets that were cheap or free seems to take longer than just making them myself.

     My plan is to make High Quality Asset packs that are affordable and licence free to use or change however you see fit, and im not talking about just selling things a little bit cheaper than everybody else! I'm talking about asset packs with hundreds of well crafted and themed models for $10 or less per pack every time. We're talking pennies per model at most!

    I'll be honest, I grew up pretty poor and because of that i kinda always have the mentality that if i can do it for free why should i pay for it. Sadly when it comes to the amount of time a 3d artist spends simply modeling all the little parts of a scene like window frames or silverware or furniture. Scene after scene it all adds up to a significant amount of time that they were not moving on to the next money making job or advancing their skill.

     Now don't get me wrong i think that modeling your own assets is an important part of learning to be a 3d artist. However it reaches a point at which you are no longer gaining skill from the experience and therefor just wasting time. unfortunately when you make it to that point as an artist  your faced with the question of continue to waste time and spend possibly months creating your own library of assets or spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy all the assets you might need.

     The goal of this Patreon is to help fund the time and effort i put into creating the assets. I will already be selling these assets VERY CHEAP however any funding i receive from this Patreon will allow me to sell the assets even cheaper. On top of the money from this Patreon reducing the overall price of the assets i will sell for everybody in the 3d art community. For all of my Patreon members the assets will be either discounted or free depending on the assets\pack as well as the tier of the member.

     I wouldn't be half the artist that i am today if it wasn't for the help of the artistic community and i still have allot to learn. This is one of the ways i have decided to try and give back. Perhaps with your help i can give even more :)
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