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Hello Friends!

We are Q6/30. I am Aaron, a trained content creator in 3D animation and game design with marginal experience and way too high of expectations. Thus, I came up with Q6/30 to create Queer media for diverse audiences to enjoy.

Why am I here?

Some people may ask: "Why, Aaron, do you not join an established company and work your way up to a position where you can do this anyway? Then you will have the experience and know-how to start your own company!" To those people I would say the following: The time it would take to do that would deprive current Queer youth the content they deserve about characters who are like them. As a young Queer myself, I found a lack of representation to be depressing, hurtful, and isolating. If I am capable of creating content for Queer people to enjoy, to see themselves in and to promote healthy concepts and ideas, then I have a duty to do so. I do not wish for more and more Queer youth to feel the way I have felt, and in a world where Queerness is being more and more accepted they deserve to feel a sense of normalcy. I wish to contribute to the normalcy, that's why I won't wait years and years to get into a position to make one show to make things better. I'll start now and make as much as I can.

Others may ask "Do you have the skills to do this?" My answer? No, not yet. But that is where all of my Patrons come in. I am but a single man, my power is limited. I can hone my skills and work as fast as I can, but by myself I am not enough. I will become the core of a group of like minded content creators to come together to create Queer media. I start with me and a few close friends (Who will be introduced below) and I will look to expand to include more content creators, and add a variety of them to make content for everyone to enjoy. I can only produce so much myself, and not everyone may be interested. But I want to make so much more so that there are choices of media that everyone can enjoy.

We also want to explore other experiences that suffer from under-representation, such as those who have disabilities or illnesses and those who seek more racially diverse characters. However to do this we want people who have lived the experiences to tell the story. As Patrons donate more we will look to add more diverse members to our studio and expand our horizons.

What are you getting?

For those of you who are curious what becoming a Patron of Studio Q6/30 would get you, it is a fairly straight forward answer. You will be receiving original Queer content from us on a regular basis. As a collective we will try put out one piece of content for you to consume a month. It is not a lot right now, we know that. However, if you enjoy the content, and you want to see more, tell your friends! As we get more income we will be able to make more content each month.

At present this "Original Queer Content" may include a video, detailing Queerness in history, a short story about a character with a disability overcoming hardships, or a mini comic about a group of queer friends finding solace in each other. As more Patrons join we will be asking for feedback and input, and tailoring our work time to better fit your desires. Because in the end it's you guys we're making this content for.

Here is starting list of potential content: 
  • Mini-Comics
  • Short stories
  • Chapter by chapter releases for ongoing stories
  • Concept art for ongoing projects
  • Character concepts for ongoing projects
  • Renders for ongoing projects
  • Demos of ongoing projects
  • Historical videos
  • Teaser trailers for ongoing projects

What are your Patron dollars going towards?

If you want to know where the money you're giving us is going, that is a valid question! All money taken in from you guys will, first and foremost, go towards rent and food for us to live. Some of us have jobs as well, so the first part of the monthly income is there to ease some of our finances. However as you guys donate more and we reach higher and higher tiers the money will be spent on the following:
  • Improving our equipment
  • Searching for new content creators to join us
  • Hiring content creators to work for us
  • Production fees for any physical items manufactured
  • Purchasing new programs
  • The occasional splurge on take out food
  • Pursuing content creation full-time
  • Any other unforeseen costs and studio upkeep
  • Taxes :(

Who we are!

Aaron "MinwuWhite" - I typed all this, so you know me! But I am a 25 year old male, 5 foot something and I am gay. I grew up in Indiana and I am here to produce 3D graphics, write stories, and manage the studio. 

Alex "OneImmortal" - Alex is a friend I have known since we were 12. He has a BA in Ancient History and Classics with an MA in Italian Studies. He is a little slow to get going but once he starts you're in for the whole story. He will be focusing on creating videos on Queerness in ancient history and classical mythology. So if you're a buff for history or mythos he's your guy!

Lissa "AngelFighter" - My wonderful sister, trained in 2D art and character design, is a great artist, and yes I am selling her skills here. Please love her. Any 2D content you see on here is most likely made by her hand. Her powerful and unwavering hand.

Cassie "GusGus" - My other wonderful sister. She is trained in Political Science and has a knowledge of government and history that will shame the world. She writes and she writes well. Written content will be under her jurisdiction. 
$0 of $100 per month
Holy crap! You guys are invested! So because there's enough interest I WILL ALSO INVEST! Once we reach $100 a month we can afford to start upgrading our equipment. Better recording equipment, tablets and programs! isn't that exciting?!
For you guys though, this will mean we can dedicate more time to producing content. Exciting no?
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