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About The Home Of Hope

Join us on a journey to create a peaceful, safe haven for rescued animals who have been abused, neglected and given away.

Your money will help us maintain the upkeep of these animals, improve their lives by giving them vital medicines, enrichment, large living areas and a forever home.
We have many animals with special requirements that need extra care and specialist foods.

An example: One of the ponies, Solo, has a cushings disease. Cushing's disease in horses is a tumor found in the pituitary gland. This tumor affects the pars intermedia - the small middle region of the pituitary gland. Thus there is excessive production of the normal hormones from the pituitary. These hormones then enter the circulation and affect the whole body. Clinical signs include increased coat length and delayed shedding of the winter coat, laminitis, lethargy, increased sweating, weight loss and excessive drinking and urinating. He needs extra care because of this including many rugs, special feeds and correct fencing and grazing areas.

We have many plans for Spring 2019. If enough money is raised before May we would like to build two new areas dedicated to the rabbits and guinea pigs. We would also like to add an aviary for injured wildlife onto the back of the chicken and duck garden. 

All money that is donated is put straight back into the care for these animals. You can see exactly what your money is being spent on by checking our facebook page and watching the animals in our care and the progress that is being made.

We are so appreciative and humbled by anything that is given too us.
Thank you for reading

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