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Summer Soltice 2019 update:
I decided to make all my photos public, because everyone should see the beauty of this amazing planet without having to pay.  Even though nobody has supported me through this medium, I have been supported financially by my family and friends because I have put out the call.  I am excited to say that I just bought my first used starter camera because of my cousin Michael's generosity.  Today I went and purchase an SD Card and tomorrow I will take my first pictures!!!

Original Intro:
My passion is photographing the beauty that surrounds us.  I have a great eye and I am excited to buy a real camera and tripod as all of my photographs are currently taken from my phone.  I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children.  I am currently doing healing work on the beautiful sunshine coast.  As I have been doing healing work for others, I have also been doing healing work on myself.  During my healing journey I have learned, that throughout the majority of my life, I have been doing too much for others and little for myself.  This is my first step in shifting my life to a life full of passion, enjoyment and abundance.  I am also passionate about writing and singing which I hope to add to my profile in the coming months.  I hope you can join me in my journey as I discover all the gifts I have to offer.

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Buy a real camera and tripod as well as pay off all my debt to start my life over at zero.  Goal is $20,000 total not per month.
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