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Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. My name is Tim, my fiancé and I plan on getting married come July in 2019 if we can manage to acquire the funds somehow. My future wife and I work full time, go to college all while trying to support our seven children. Four are mine, four are hers "one of them is both of ours". I decided to try to raise some funds for multiple reasons. 1. Would be too able to help with our wedding. 2. Help raise some funds for the kids 3. For a few hobbies such as gold prospecting, coin collecting, and gardening. The three hobbies the kids enjoy doing with us as a family. Gold prospecting is the newest hobbies we will be starting as a family come spring time. We are currently all cramped up in an apartment together. So, addition to the funds funding the kids/hobbies we are trying to save for a place we can call home while trying to manage the rest of our hectic lives.
$0 of $1,000 per month
Will be divided up into 4 different categories evenly. "Kids, Home, Hobbies, Wedding" *Every bit helps*

Thanks for your support!
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