john a darbonne

is creating Jewlery and I would like to fund a Food truck




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Well, where do I start. At First a little about me

I am self motivated and a hard worker.
I like most people started working at a young age 15 and pretty much worked my whole life. But in 2009 I got in a wreck with Two 18 wheelers.
The wreck was not my fault. But after the wreck my back was left with the majority of it Neck, upper back, and lower back with Bulged disk and nerve damage I was prescribed 120mg a day of Morphine and Loratab 10's for break through pain. I have had several doctors say I should be disabled and wanted to do surgery and put a spinal stimulator in me. Unfortunately most people i have meet and spoken with that has had spinal surgery regret it because they have more pain after the surgery than before.
I have been denied S.S. disability several times and even had a lawyer. But I have been working but can no longer work the long hours and would like to work for myself, so on days that My pain is so bad I can barley walk I can stay home, other than the days I am in extreme pain I would like to be working. I hated the Idea of being on SS disability, however finding a job that will accommodate my injuries is more than a little difficult..

Now that you know a little about me. What I want to do with the funds.

I live in a College town and we have festivals and other events, I would love to have a Food Truck that I can do Ice-cream, Snow Balls, and other food items.
I can situate it to where I could have the neck and back support i want in a roller chair.

Right after the wreck I was having a lot of hand to eye coordination issues and started doing jewelry to help me get back control and focus doing simple things. I enjoyed it and still make stuff when i have time
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