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New videos will be added every week showing what sold for me, where it sold, how much it sold for and what the items cost me. I will expertly analyze why these items sold and why they sold for these prices. By watching what SOLD (not what I sourced) you'll start to understand the nuances in women's fashion reselling. You'll learn what brands to look out for and what items within those brands to leave behind. You'll be able to make educated decisions about what to spend your sourcing budget on to maximize profits without working harder.



About CasaChic

I've been successfully selling pre-loved fashion online since 2000. I've sold thousands of items in my two ebay stores and I know what does and does not sell. Sourcing well is the key to making money by selling online. I will show you what I source on a weekly basis and explain why I bought items and how much I paid for them. By sourcing better, you will make more money selling on eBay and Poshmark. You'll learn to leave the duds behind. Its all about working smarter, not harder and I'll share my secret tips with you.
Contact me at [email protected] with any questions

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