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Exclusive PATREON trophy on the server! Along with the trophy, you get access to /nick, colored particles, and a colored name!
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Play with the owner and mods in a call in a livestreamed UHC (monthly - will set up times after pledge)
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get your own dedicated server on our box that is linked to our network to do anything! (.5gb server per $100 pledged)




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My name is joshverd and I make videos on the internet. Oh the internet. Anyways , I host a minecraft server with some of my friends. I play on Gamemode 4, a server hosted by Accidental Games. If you donate any amount, you will get a special trophy each month that is exclusive to patreons and has special features. Along with the trophy, you will get a exclusive colored name, cool custom particles, and access to /nickname to give yourself a new name! Your pledge will support the server, as I am paying out of pocket right now for the server.

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Servers are expensive, yo.
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