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I have no idea...

      Maybe if I played the game better... I'd be more likeable...




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Herein I could give you a thousand poetic jests as to why you might fathom to support this poet, but instead I shall leave you with an adage that I wrote some time ago, and has become the authentic staple on why I write, perform and exist.

I write to inspire hope, for those who suffered as I once suffered. my Tumblr links to ALL the work I do, Every day!

    For: No one can love another, if they do not accept them! No one can accept another, if they do not know them! No one can know someone, for who they really are, unless they desire it! This is the only truth, wherein love and peace reside, tragically dead. So proclaims this unqualified pathetic mediocre poetic algorithymn Shakespeare.

In earnest anticipation of,
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Let's just say you enjoy at least one of the several poems I release each day :) Like today's : 

Dearest Lover,

What a beautiful rag libel doll of conviction's aspiring hope we have made, Together under the tree of li(f)e's shame, I know's our narrow unselfish path marionette will clutch the conscience of this world by the word's bound by her mute hands... 

In earnest anticipation of,
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