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Hello. I am Faisal Khan. A British Muslim with a keen interest in politics, International politics, and pertinent social issues. I have long wanted to pursue my passion for writing but for a whole number of reasons was unable to do so. Of late, however, I developed a blog and on the back of that have enjoyed some success and now have regular bylines for the likes of Counterpunch (circa 60k readership on twitter alone) The Sociological Mail and I undertake occasional journalism for Byline Media. 

My academic background is in International politics including a research masters from the LSE (The London School of Economics). My approach to writing is to exercise intellectual integrity and highlight injustices rather than further any specific political or ideological agenda. My work normally contains original research and many of my pieces have been widely shared on social media and acknowledged by academic experts.

Given that I am Muslim I am naturally interested and feel I can provide useful insight on issues affecting the Muslim community in Britain and the worlds 1.8 billion Muslims. However, I am also keen on issues affecting minorities generally, International political issues, women's rights and the environment. Occasionally, I also offer my thoughts on 'lighter' topics such as travel and sport. 

The aim is one day soon to write a book. Intial book ideas are either to examine the history of British involvement in the Israel/Palestine conflict or to examine the history of Britain's relationship with Islam and Muslims (which I have no doubt is far more complex and nuanced than stereotypes suggest). 

Going forward I am keen to devote more time to writing. I feel the value of writing is hugely underrated; it remains a powerful means by which to highlight issues, share knowledge, communicate and even help change attitudes.

The principal barrier to furthering my writing goals is financial. Therefore, if you share my interests or passions please do support my work. For those who do so regularly I will ensure you receive my latest articles and free copies of my book (when and hopefully not if) I write it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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Approximately 500 pounds a month will greatly help with my research and time taken to write articles; all of which will be on pertinent and topical issues and hopefully of the highest quality.
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