The Nerdy Vet

is creating Game streaming videos and other nerd related content.




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About The Nerdy Vet

Game streamer and a lover of many activities of the nerd world.
I play many different video games
I play paper RPGs. Mostly Pathfinder right now.
I have LARPed but am between games for now
I love post apocalyptic world and enjoy making costumes for them
I also do foam smithing but being between LARPs, this is rare right now.
One non nerd hoot is cars. I am often working on a car project when not doing my other Nerd related hobbies.
I am a Army vet and a hard working father. I am currently a full time IT specialist and stream along with other nerd related hobbies in my spare time. I am working on expanding my community and would love all of you to come join me.