Samuel Peters

is creating epic snowboarding content, rap music, and a pro gaming career

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My name's Sam and I'm somewhat of an entrepreneur, I have a lot of ambition and drive, but lack a focus and financial momentum, perhaps this is where you come to my aid! I love to do fun things and share those experiences with everyone and try to get others motivated to go do those fun things as well, I try to regularly post snowboarding, parkour, and rock-climbing videos on my Instagram. I also enjoy creating rap and hip hop music with my childhood friend and I post them on my Soundcloud. Finally, I'm a huge nerd and play video-games, hopefully one day for a living, and I recognize that there are more and more of us growing up like this nowadays and I have a dream of managing some sort of youth sports organization that helps keep kids active and balancing out their game time with real exercise and fun sports. Well, that's it, hopefully you'll see something you like of my stuff and decide if I'm worth giving a shove of momentum haha, I'm open to suggestions so if you think I should pursue something or rather focus on something more, let me know.
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If I somehow manage $1000 a month just from Patrons, I will be able to film and edit activity videos, and record music weekly, and even start streaming on a regular basis.
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