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The artist

Anna Charlotte Rosenberg Bosten
Is a Swedish Textile artist / Creative director born in Skellefteå in the North of Sweden. Following her intense study of textile design and marketing her exploration of the artistry of both art and textiles led her to form Anna Charlotte Atelier in 1994 when she first registered her artist name.

Anna Charlotte has participated in several events and exhibitions over the years both in Sweden and internationally. In 2003 she showed, inter alia, a solo exhibition during the event “Swedish Style” at Collex Living in Tokyo, her work is represented in many places around the world.

Anna Charlotte’s artistic work is portrayed working with a very personal colour palette that she finely tunes. Composed of abstract symbols and shapes drawn from the elements of nature she, through artistic expression reflects with a feminine touch and elegance creatively producing from paint to weave.. Anna Charlotte develops the original works transferring them to be compiled and produced by skilled weavers in Northern India. They reproduce her client’s specially selected colour choice through plants and textile elements, key to her artistic and textile work.

In 2011 Anna Charlotte took a big step and further developed her art through the exhibition “Awakening” shown at the gallery SO-Stockholm. Swiftly she moved on to galleries in both Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer, France. Anna Charlotte expresses through the exhibition “Awakening” and her twelve independent handmade rug/artworks, elements of a story of human will and inner strength to reach self-knowledge and inner growth

Her great interest in Eastern wisdom philosophy attracted her to the Indian medicine Ayurveda which she studied and obtained a degree in. Her now profound knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with her intense knowledge of art and design culminated her thoughts and philosophy of life leading her to teach and lecture on the subject. Everything under one composition - the language of colours, Word of Colour.

In her new work “Aurora Borealis” Anna Charlotte expresses the transfer of nature’s ever changing tapestry into her handmade designs. A symbolic interaction with the experience of the four seasons and life’s eternal cycle. In her dynamic collaboration with Richard von Hofsten’s fantastic film and photography she goes forward with the desire to tell. An exciting co-operation with opera singer Kristina Göranssons’s musical interpretation added an extra dimension to her work.

In textile artist Anna Charlotte’s coming book “The Word of Colours” she shares her love for creative power, nature’s inherent wisdom and her great passion for living an holistic life through colour, giving the opportunity to live in balance and to interact with nature’s elements.
Inspiring and thoughtful, depicted through artistic photography and an intriguing story - the magic of colour.

Anna Charlotte is

  • Studio work
    Rugs and textiles for market sales. Free-lance consult in product developing. 
  • Atelier work
    Contemporary rugs and textiles for art projects.
  • Customized work / Holistic Interiors
    Special edition for client, Holistic interiors and colour consultation.
  • Creative direction
    Photo & Film projects, exhibitions and installations.
  • Writing
    Lifestyle and philosophy, script.
  • Workshops
    The Word of colors / The power of colors.
  • Healing
    Anna Charlotte lecture and practice as a health adviser and guide and have a graduation as a Ayurveda health consultant, and many year of studies of eastern philosophy.

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My latest project is 
to create a new platform related to my book. The platform will include a blog and podcast for selected artists and creative communicators.

Some of the events that will be connected 
- Work-shops
- Lectures
- Exhibitions

"We are all an unique vibration and our contribution to the world  is an direct and pure soleprint"
- Anna Charlotte

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