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The mission is Influencing the Influential. Digital Marketing Strategist, Public Relations & Media Production professional, Founder, W.Douglas Williams, is using his gifts via current technologies and tools to advance conservative and Judeo Christian principles into the mainstream society. His over 20 years of media and marketing experience with organizations such as ESPN, CNN, CBN, and others have made him an expert at presenting a message and creating desired actions within target audiences. W. Douglas Williams has chaired commissions on the state level, consulted in messaging and marketing for conservative political campaigns, and advises conservatives on what to say and how to say it as well as running the Recent History YouTube channel.  The presentation and justification of conservative and Christian beliefs have been sadly lacking and Mr. Williams is changing that. Intellectual arguments, ripping down misconceptions and hitting both mainstream parties with a dose of reality is the method. Listeners get access to facts and a presentation that not only grows understanding but grows the listeners as well. 

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