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my name is faiz hassan i make vlogs and tutorials on filmaking and teaching camera stuff. its like vlogs and tutorials both at the same time. so i hope u enjoy this, our journy togather, walking in woods and mountains while talking and teaching filmmaking. oh and by the way I also take photos. 
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where I live people say its impossible to earn a living with any type of art,(photography, videography, painting,) or any thing not 9-5 job,  you need a real job. and they have been right so far, as everyone here is discouraged from the very childhood to give-up their dreams and just work 9-5 doing things they don't love.
so help me prove them wrong. for the sake of all those who are lost searching their dreams. 
when reached this goal I will arragnge a meeting monthly for everyone here and help them in pursuit of their dreams.
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