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Hey SPECTACULAR you! My name is Wendy & I'm an artist & singer songwriter who draws & writes songs to inspire more love, and joy in you! I also make pen and ink drawings for coloring, to help heal you from life stresses which will be included in my free bonuses!

I just want to say THANK YOU! for checking out my page. I appreciate you so much you don't even know!

Sharing my music with the world has been a 12 year dream of mine, so thank you for being a part of my musical journey!

By supporting my Patreon I can create higher quality content for you.
Help me create more songs and art that make you happy!

I have written over an album worth of songs, and need help funding for professional production.
I have two of them released on itunes & spotify & amazon which you can sample under the recording name Wendebellefly.

My Soundcloud is https://soundcloud.com/user-72556058
More songs will be uploaded as I have more acoustic backtracks available!

I will be singing acoustic versions of my songs on youtube soon! Please subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRf85vUreIw8RkZ3W...

I just want to say I love you and I thank you again for stopping by I can't wait to share with you more amazing content.

Please take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest

Wendebellefly <3

Song List Title for Album

1. Six Senses Love - Song about discovery & searching for that someone special just for you
2. Cafe Inspire - Song celebrating you! a great wake up song, like a good cup of coffee or tea
3. My Whole Heart - Loving with your whole heart. Perfect song for couples and anniversaries!
4. Romantic Dream - A song that feels like a warm and sweet romantic comedy
5. Iridescent Sky - A song capturing the feelings of when you first fall in love
6. It's A Wonderful Life - A song celebrating our friends who's always been there for us. And the memories we have with them.
7. On A Spring Day - A song about falling in love on a spring day and a first kiss
8. Straight to My Heart - A fun upbeat song about sending appreciative texts and phone calls
9. The Act of Flying - A song about the spark inside you to fly
10. Reinvent Yourself - A song about reawakening your goals and dreams for the future and taking better care of yourself
11. This is Perfection - A song that captures the warm feeling of having someone who makes you feel comforted just by being by your side and loving them just the way they are. 

Acoustics of almost all the songs will be available as well.
All my songs have a unique and fun vocal melody for them.
Potential Bonus tracks will be available based on funding. 
Thanks for checking it out =D

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