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I dont know how to begin telling my story. Okay... i didnt draw as much as i can remember myself, i know that moment, when in my mind born a wish to draw, i can see that day clearly as now. I was a little one, about 12 y.o. my computer folders was all full of art of different artists, they were gorgeous, so, i was staring at them for several minutes and decided...kidding, it wasn’t that easy, i was really hard thinking about it for days, and then finally decided to start drawing. At fist it all was coping of art other people, but still l l i think its okay i needed to begin. Then it was fanarts of anime and my favorite cartoons, that time wasnt so long, bc i found for myself OC: original characters, and started creating them more and more, at the same time i tried into some tutorials, but also continue creating characters(my sketchbooks full of unnamed characters)). As you can see in my profile i have too much characters that i forgot about)) but now I’m trying to make my own universe with all of them. Then i went to the artist school, i've been there for a year and a half, i dont hate it, i love this time so much, but left it because it was so much pressure on me, and there i had my first nervous breakdown, that the main reason, it was about two years ago, so now i'm here with you my patrons. I wish you'll support me and my characters to stay alive,  and also i can draw your oc's too))
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When i reach $500 i'll start streaming drawing process with one of patrons in discord every week
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