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Regular Donor: Comes with a discord role, along with an in-game kit! Only exclusive for donors! 

Includes Discord rewards
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As like regular donor, you’ll get the same stuff, but better and many other fun at stuff!

Includes Discord rewards
Ultra Donor
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Unlike regular or super donor, you’ll get the same stuff, but better and many more! You’ll get access to top secret channels and ultra special-in-game perks! 

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About Cosmic

A small MCPE server made by a developed by a group of people to become what it is today, our team consists of many wonderful people! Help support the server and the community by donating to us and get special perks in-game and in discord!
If you have any problems with not getting the perks after donating, please DM us or report to us on the forums at support. Please provide evidence that you have donated.
$0 of $200 per month
Cosmic is currently trying to raise 50$ to giveaway more things to users and improve cosmic itself
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