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About Matt Gentile

So I recently found out that I'm apparently an asshole. And was told that my only recourse from being "trash" is either academia or the arts. However I don't like going to school and I was always really good at making stick figures, the only rational course of action after this revelation is making blair witch stick figures and hanging them ominously around my neighbors trees in a therapeutic manner; then trying to film their reaction.

All this being said, I don't want to spend money on like hemp rope or wicker shit. So give me like ten bucks, buying me the ability to fuck with people free of charge is equivalent to investing in YOURSELF.

Also give me better ideas on how to spend like a few bucks to mess with people to great effect. If it seems weird that you're paying me to give me ideas. Even though you're right, don't overthink it bruh. I can stick figure with the best of them.

I fucking dare you to make a stick figure better than me; right now, throw down.