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About Emily Webber

Emily is a scientist by day and a science fiction author by night.  She would rather be an author all day, but like everyone else she needs an income to survive.

Emily has started writing a groundbreaking new science fiction series complete with original artwork called Mettle.  She writes the series at a set of short stories from different points of view.  She also works with artists (and pays them) to create illustrations to go with each story.  This work is bundled into sets of five and published on Amazon for purchase.   Her idea is much bigger than her current product. She wants to create a set of illustrated stories based in her novel universe, and eventually an animated series featuring her story.

She previously worked with a musician (Kekopera) and art student (Matthieu Kline) to create an audio comic for the idea.  You can find this on Youtube.  The budget was too small and the idea too new to make her story really come to life.   She needs money to pay artists and for advertising services - because Mettle can't survive without a fanbase.
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If I can get 20 patrons first tier, then I will be able to fast track my next installment of my new series by paying my artist for more work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts