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Knowpedian Scholar is the first tier of supporters. They solely back my work on the Knowpedian project for $4 a month to keep our project going. They receive the latest updates and are always responded to first. We thank you for supporting the Knowpedian project. More to come soon. We're just getting started!



About Marhalish

My name is Marhalish or Marcus K.W. I'm a Project Knowpedia contributor & founder.

Knowpedia is an online open knowledge-network, enabling people worldwide to publish knowledge of any topic in exchange for community upvotes (likes), earning rewards! This platform is multilingual and available everywhere. It is highly reliable, immutable, and fully accepting of your contributions because it’s built on the dependable Steem blockchain with a 100% uptime (as of January 2019). Knowpedia uplifts all people with the ability to share and browse the entire world’s wealth of knowledge.

Project Knowpedia contributors are completely self-funded and require your backing to continue the project. Your support is forever appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Begin releasing weekly detailed project updates.

I will publish weekly written updates about the project. It will include our top new contributors, insights about the project's progress, and updates about our wonderful Knowpedia community.

Reaching my first goal will also help support my full-time contributions to the Knowpedia project. In turn, achieving this goal will speed up project development.

Thank you for supporting my first Patreon goal ever!
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