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Hello my name is Amir Leon ( Nick Name ) and I am a level designer and developer of Video Games.

What is Your First Project

My first project is 2d platformer for android which is not so cool but its my test game which i will upload in next two weeks here is the image of my level.

What do you do?

I have been uploading many videos of paid unity assets for free and gaming software like unity unreal etc in Youtube under the Name of Crowned Eagle
which you can check in this link =

Why Patreon?

i Have been placing ad links to every asset , software in my channel so i can spend the earning on my 2nd Project Multiplayer FPS Game which have ( Map and Style ) of Pakistan but i didn't earn much as i earned 1 dollar in 3 month since i started my channel and i have created a crowd funding campaign under the name of Multiplayer FPS you can find it by the logo which i have in the site but not so much luck there too so i Created this patreon page so that you guys can support me here

What Will I Gain?

anybody who support me here or in crowdfunding from 1 dollar to 3 dollar will have there names listed in credits of my 1st project and there are additional perks for those who get the tiers.

If i get 10 usd per month here or raised 10 usd at crowdfunding then will give every links of assets and softwares in youtube without ads.

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I will give the links of the assets which i upload in my channel without ads to them who support me

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Get your name mentioned on Credits of my 2nd project

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