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wELL, I spected nothing at all Im happy. You get to read my stuff a day early

PRECIOUS Tiger cubs
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Holy Jihyo Im blessed with you!

 I will write you a ficlet if you ask for it
Just DM me through twetter 

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Making the entrance to the VIP place
The coolest squad 

Hush, just let me write to you 1 story one shot 4k words of whatever you request 




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About RAON

Hello there, people who stumbled this <g>patreon</g> page, <g>I'm</g> RAON :)

“OK…but still who TF are you”
A still-in-highschool Peruvian ONCE who actually don't know what will be of her future for various reasons but just dared to try out and start making various kinds of content like FF, little animations and more

“But why you have a Patreon?”
A financial situation I guess, my family had always had its problems. To the point that if I'm still <g>on</g> the same school is because I'm actually a good student and my teachers helped me to be allowed a little grant to low the fee. And right now been anxious about money since like forever I'm tired of it, I would like to help. Especially when I can't really really on my father or my mom when it's about personal extra expenses and stuff, I think that is already troublesome for them. Also with university getting <g>closer</g> I'm starting saving money for that.
“So… even if just one dollar would be ok?”

Once I freelanced myself to write essays, proofread and even translate stuff. No one noticed me and I would spect the same here. Thanks if you reached this part v:
By now I'm still developing a little webtoon and just wrote some chapters of a fic that surprisingly didn’t flop
The classic stuff
- Chapters will be updated here first and 24h later they will be on other platforms for free
- Donations will be set per update BUT you can set a limit per month. I don’t want a be a nuisance for your monthly budget, I'm already grateful for you donating
- I will probably be shocked like ;0;

Thinks I won't write
Yaoi related stuff (I'm pretty sure it will come wrong like, I in an unknown land xd)
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