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Let me explain:
On May 4th, 2018, my Father, who raised me as a single father, in a single wide trailer, for the entirety of my life, passed away very unexpectedly. He had been in ICU for a couple months and we always heard that he was improving daily. Until one day, they told us, after a surgery to try to insert a tube into his lung for the third time, as he was still swelling up like a balloon, which was something that the VA Hospital in Johnson City, TN said they'd never seen happen there before, and that if we were religious, sending a prayer up wouldn't be a horrible idea. The next day, on May 4th 2018, he passed away. Needless to say, I was NOT prepared to deal with him being gone from this life. No one ever is, really. So, of course, this lead to an outrageous amount of bills, from funeral costs, to power, rent, cable, phone, just everything crashed at once. I lost the trailer he and I remodeled and rebuilt together, lost his cars, I lost everything due to this debt. There was no life insurance policy and I was left to pick up the pieces, while trying to grieve and figure out funeral arrangements, etc.

He and my mother divorced when I was 2 years old and unfortunately, I didnt see her again for another 17 years. It turns out, my father was diagnosed with COPD, Hepatitis C with over a 1,200,000 count, a collapsed lung, his other lung with only 30% usage, and countless other health concerns. Needless to say, this made it very hard for him to provide any sort of lifestyle that wasn't below poverty for us. Obviously, that's not what I need, but my point is that, even living on Social Security and Disability, due to his tour in Vietnam leaving him basically unable to work, even with all those injuries and medical issues, this man figured out how to make sure I played baseball, football and wrestled every single year, he paid for me to travel and play baseball with USSSA and AAU, basically he made it work however he could, no matter what.

Now, I'm to the point where I'm in so much debt over the funeral services, I legitimately am not able to go a single day without just about completely breaking down. I work Monday through Friday, drive 2 hours total to work and back and work at a media company. I'm doing everything I can to try to make ends meet, but it's to the point where I'm so far behind, there's no way I can catch up, without some sort of blessing. Which, is why I'm here. This is the only other thing that, even though a long shot, could truly bless me and give me a chance to gain back even a small portion of my life that I had when Dad was still on this earth with me. The bills, gas, food, everything is just completely piling up and there's no way I can handle it anymore.

So, to wrap this all up, I just want to say thank you, in advance, for anything you feel you can help with. This is most definitely embarrassing to have to do, but when your world is crashing down around you, what else can you do, I guess.
$0 of $1,500 per month
At $1,500, I would finally be able to take care of the costs for the funeral and services, in about 6 months.
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