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About Exquisitely Distinct Designs

Everyone has a dream. Sometimes this dream is put on hold, due to circumstances beyond our control. But as every entrepreneur knows, you roll with the punches and get back up, and don’t loose faith and keep your head up.

Here in the Ozarks things are quiet; people are friendly; rush hour doesn’t exist; you now your neighbors; and help them out when they are in need. Friday nights are all about high school football games, and you still go to church on Sunday. (I sound like a country song, but its so very true) This is why we moved back home, to be near family, get our of the rat race, and open our shop. Exquisitely Distinct Designs.

After looking to banks for traditional loans, which you have to have perfect credit to even get in the door anymore, we need your help. I have been in the industry for almost 11 years, always working for someone else. Warsaw and the surrounding communities are very much underserved. In a town of just under 2500, there is no competition, variety, or choice when it comes to flowers.

This is where we come in. Not only will we offer high quality products; flowers and gifts, landscape design services, interior design; bedding plants, vegetable and ground covers; unique items made from local artisans, and featuring Missouri made products.

We need your help to come up with initial funding to get off the ground. This money will help us get the down payment for our building and start up funding. For those fo you who help us out, we will offer a $30.00 gift certificate, which can be used at any time, on anything. We will have our website up and going, I pray in the next few days with a preview of products we will be featuring. We are going to be doing flowers out of our home for Valentines Day, ready or not here we come.

Thank you in advance and god bless,
John and Jason