is creating Lego content on Instagram,Twitter,and YouTube.

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Brick Merchants
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Welcome to the first tier. This is a great start for many and for those who want to support me but don't have much money can now pay through this tier. You will be featured in the description of every YouTube video I made and will make. You will also be given the title "Brick Merchant" because you used the smallest donation you can give me to help me give this project to you. Sure it may be $1 but every dollar counts in my kingdom.

Brick Craftsmen
per month

Welcome to the second tier. If you have $5-$9 that you want to give this is your best option. In addition to the first benefit I mentioned on my first tier,you will also have your own special page on my Patreon so that my loyal Lego subjects can find you and possibly support you. You will also be given the title "Brick Craftsman" because you used your money to help me craft my special project. 

Brick Vassals
per month

Welcome to the third tier. Not only will you receive the benefits promised from the second tier but you will also have your own page on my Instagram and Twitter accounts that will lead others to your Pateron and/or your social media accounts. You will also earn the title "Brick Vassal" because you have given more your loyalty in my kingdom. 




per month


Hello my loyal Lego subjects it's TheLegoBrickMonarch. I love Lego and I want to work on a special project that is going to take time and money but until then,I will make posts on Instagram and Twitter and possibly come back to YouTube after a year long break. Banner picture done by Redhead1982 & Redbeard.
$0 of $1,500 per month
I want to reach this goal in total because my stop motion series needs a lot of buildings,characters,and vehicles. If I can reach this goal,I will personally thank every one of my patreons on all my social media accounts. 
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