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Hi , Hello🙂 I’m a 20 year old girl. Seeking to go back to college again. I first went to this university, but didn’t end so good, I was in debt :/. Had to work my butt off for a good year to pay for that debt. Now since it’s 2019 I’ve decided to go back into school. Persue my goals and career. That’s to be a Pharmacist Technician. A little about myself is... I work really hard, I’m an open minded person. I love coffee. 😇 From a scale of 1-10 my personality is 8.4 haha. My goal on here is if you can help me get a laptop, I’ve always wanted for my education. It’s a really good use. I have other things to pay. That’s why I haven’t gotten it. Please help me out here. I’m really going to need it. Especially for my career.

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