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is creating a podcast by 3 women looking for solutions amid celebrating life

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LSF began eight years ago as three childhood friends getting reacquainted as parents of young kids. This involved many hours on the porch, in a backyard, or at the kitchen table, talking and supporting each other in any way that was needed. Yes, at times, it included drinks.  Our topics were always the deep stuff that life is made up of like politics, feminism, family and aspirations.  Together we have cried, laughed, and cheered.  All three of us have either changed careers or begun new ones, graduated college, and struggled with balancing family, work and life.  Two of us are single mothers and one has been married for over twenty years. 

LSF stands for Liberal Socialist Feminist but it only begins to describe who and what we are, and most importantly, what we want to accomplish.  There are solutions out there for both national and global problems and we seek to solve them.  We hope you will open your mind and interact and become acquainted with us, as we have with one another, in order to be the change we want to see in the world...yes, we all like Gandhi.  It is also completely OK to sip some wine while you listen!
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