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About Daisy Gray

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Growing up in Jamaica I watched both my mother and father pave their own paths in a society where nothing was acquired without genuine hard work. It didn’t matter if the sun was out or if it was the moon’s turn, work was always happening. My father built the house where I was born and grew up with his own hands. We had the only indoor toilet for miles around. I still don’t know how he did it. He even managed to smuggle into the country and successfully grew a Fuji apple tree for us kids to enjoy, my favorite to this day. 

In all of this and with quite of few kids to provide for, my father and mother gave and gave. When I lost my dad to cancer at age nine, he left such an impact, I still very clearly remember him, in spite of having not one picture. My mother carried on in amazing strength and in her own legacy, and still does. 

All that said. I tried but didn’t fully succeed at my first venture a few years ago, but if at first you don’t succeed... Still I can say mine was the only female owned and operated, affordable bottling facility for private label beverages who wanted to share their creation with the world but couldn’t afford high priced beverage manufactures. The satisfaction from helping my fellow creators was highly rewarding, but not sustainable. 

This time around I left a  very comfortable job with great benefits to take over operations of  a beauty supply store and open a salon in the same space. What was I thinking!!!!  It turns out I needed to feel as fulfilled in my occupation as I did working tirelessly manufacturing, bottling and shipping natural beverages for others. I soon found that fulfillment when I noticed a segment of my customers whose needs were dictated by what was happening to their health. I noticed how a customer felt leaving with a wig that made her feel just a little better about loosing her hair, as there are options. Then I got the notion to start a non-profit making custom headpieces and hairpieces.  Since putting everything I own and could beg and also borrow into this business, I have learned a lot. I picked a slow time in retail to start a business without an income. Still some of what I’ve learned left me wanting to help, albeit in a small way, women, and men battling cancer. One thing that surprised me was the men who walk in seeking help for a female in their lives who is loosing their hair and feeling less than beautiful along with battling  a terrible illness. 

As it stands, I am still too new yet to implement my services without cost to those who need it but cannot afford it; but as my business grows, hopefully with your help, the goal of being that beauty store in my community will be reached. 

Thank you you for reading. I hope I’ve effecrively conveyed what’s in my heart.