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You will hopefully have the satisfaction of knowing you've made a small contribution towards the creation of great film criticism. Think of this as a small token to say "I appreciate your work", in much the same way you might throw a coin to a busker on the street.
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You will receive a weekly e-newsletter, containing links to all of the reviews and articles I have written both on FictionMachine and elsewhere on the Internet, as well as interesting news and updates on interesting happenings in the world of global cinema.
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Each year I am going to be writing additional essays - one per month - focusing on a specific area of cinema. In 2017 that is going to be Japanese cinema, focusing on 12 films from Jiraiya the Hero in 1921 to Three Outlaw Samurai in 1964.  At this level you will receive these exclusive essays as PDFs - once per month - before they are published anywhere else. You will also receive the standard weekly e-newsletter mentioned above.




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FictionMachine is a website featuring long-form essays combining behind-the-scenes stories with criticism to develop a better understanding of how great movies are made. At least one essay is published each month, running to at least 2,000 words but often running much longer. Films to have been included over the first three years have included Singin' in the Rain, Back to the Future, The Mist, Labyrinth and Ladyhawke.

From 2017 the website also includes short-form reviews of feature films, including both new releases, classics and international works.

This is a personal project, and I am going to put essays up whether I get funded or not. The funding goes towards the design and upkeep of the website, purchase of films to watch, research and review, and hopefully - when I have the money aside - occasional visits to international film festivals and the like.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 86 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 86 exclusive posts
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