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"Feel free to offer up suggestions or a topic for the poem. I will  pick a topic and write what comes to my heart & soul about that topic that month." :)

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  •  JUST FOR YOU MY SQUIRREL FAM! Monthly live post of a music video from one of the concerts I have attended, (examples Boyz II Men, Bone-Thugz N Harmony, Amber Run, Coldplay, Novo Amor etc). **How EXCITING! KNOWING YOU CAN HELP ME PAY MY BILLS! PLUS MY LOVE & GRATITUDE FOREVER!** <3 

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About EricaWrites

Hi There,
     My name is Erica. I am so glad you have found my Patreon page! I am a published Author, Writer, and a Mother. I have my debut Memoir book available on Amazon, "Shelter Me From The Rain," by Erica Santiago. I hope you check it out!
     I am currently working on new material (a children's book series). I will be writing more medical informational books, and possibly another Memoir. On Patreon, I will be posting some snippets of my writing works, poems I have written and some of the photography pictures I have taken (like my banner photo on my profile for example). 
     I would be so so grateful if you became my Patron. I am unable to work and I am currently training my dog for service work. He may be small but yet he is mighty. :) If you would like photos of my little dog I have included that in the tier levels on here! How cute!
     I would love if Patreon could become part of my income. Getting paid for doing what you love is amazing! I hope you enjoy my writing and can help support me so I can continue to do what I love. So please join me on this journey and become part of my "Squirrel Family." It makes sense with my work ;) I can't wait to write more, share my work, pictures, parts of book chapters, and poems. As a Patron of mine, you get to see it first! Thank you so so much! You're truly awesome!
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When I reach 100 Patrons I will release a Live Q & A video about my writing, my photography etc. *Your choice!* So if you would like, feel free to "ASK ME ANYTHING" and post topics you would like me to cover. Thanks! <3 (Every 100 new Patrons I will release another video! Thanks so much)!
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