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Hello there!
If you are here, then most likely you have already played Hearts of Iron IV with my mod Bitter Peace, if not - just click on the name.

What is the purpose?
The main goal of Bitter Peace is to improve the gameplay for Germany and the Axis countries(mainly Italy and Japan), to give an opportunity to change the way it would look like the world, the borders, if the Axis won. I'm not comfortable with peace conferences in HOI4 and I try to make territorial divisions using events and decisions. Also, I make various events and decisions for greater immersion in the atmosphere of those years.

Why should you contribute?
Well, my friends have been asking me for months why I still haven't done the patreon, because I spend a lot of time on the mod. I love to do it, but real life problems such platitudes as housing, food etc is still not allowed to get into modding more, one feature that I would like.
Let me tell you a little about myself - I am 23 years old, a student, I live in Russia, Moscow. Previously worked as a bartender, but for a year as an unemployed, I'm already in my last year of University and now I'm focused on what would finish my studies. But with the finances I still bad) So if I can earn at least some money on modding, it would be gorgeous!

About Patron advantages:

The priority of voices.
So far, I have only done the election of flags from the voting, but perhaps in the future there will be the election of leaders for countries, names, etc

A custom name for General or Advisor in puppets. To ensure that it does not interfere with the gameplay, your chosen name should be similar to the names of the nation in which it will serve (ie if you choose China - the name should be in the Chinese style, no John Smith!).

Do not forget to join our Discord, there you can also contact me

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