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About Steve Tanner

Hello, everyone!

My name is Steve Tanner and I write stories.  I've been writing stories for many years, mainly using the comics medium. In 2007 I set up Time Bomb Comics - a small indie publishing set-up that features not only my work but that of other talented creators. To date Time Bomb has produced a wide range of books, including the Brawler and Bomb Scares anthology series.

Time Bomb also publishes Flintlock, which is my personal passion project:

What is Flintlock?  It's an ongoing comics anthology series entirely set in the Eighteenth Century, featuring adventure tales of highwaymen, pirates and other characters in this exciting historical period. Each story takes place at some point between 1701 and 1800 with all the characters co-existing in a shared timeline.

Flintlock has been conceived by me, inspired by my obsession with the 18th Century. I write all the Flintlock stories and I'm working with some great artistic talents on each of the separate character story-lines that run through the series. What makes Flintlock a little bit different are the diversity of its lead characters in those stories. The lead highwayman and pirate characters, Lady Flintlock and Shanti the Pirate Queen, are women, presented as realistic, rounded figures rather than the overly sexualised female stereotypes you usually see in comics. Others, like the Clockwork Cavalier, Molly and the Trickster Thief, Onna and Sparrowhawk also fall outside of the stereotypical lead characters you normally see in comics. The shared timeline is unusual too as it means that although the various leads may never actually meet, the actions they take individually will sometimes have consequences on each other years, perhaps even decades, apart over the course of the century.

You can obtain copies of Flintlock that have already been published here in both printed and digital formats.

Since it's launch in April 2016. Flintlock has done well.  Reviews have been great and reader feedback overwhelmingly positive.  Folks like the book, and want to see more of it and its characters, as well as wanting to see more stories written by me both in the Flintlock timeline and in other genres and mediums.  Folks also like Time Bomb, and enjoy seeing new releases published featuring stories by other talented creators. And therein lies the rub.

As with many creative people, my time and resources are limited - So this is where you come in. By becoming my patron you can help me reach my ultimate goal of concentrating more on developing Flintlock and writing new stories, and allowing Time Bomb to continue publishing more titles from other creators.  You see, ideally I'd like Time Bomb to continue to grow and evolve, but to do that I need to devote more time to promoting and marketing each book Time Bomb produces (and liaising with the other creators and printers to get each book finished and published of course!) as well as writing Flintlock and having the opportunity to develop other ideas that I've had that aren't necessarily Flintlock related.  I'm not expecting miracles or overnight success but I like the idea of a platform to be able to share any progress made and successes achieved with people who have a genuine interest in Time Bomb, Flintlock, Brawler or just me individually as a creator.

Your patronage will get you regular updates and previews of what I've been creating, and what Time Bomb is publishing:

*  You'll be seeing advance previews of upcoming Flintlock characters and stories as they're being developed.
*  You'll be seeing advance previews of upcoming Time Bomb releases, including works in progress from the talented creators that have produced them.
*  You'll be able to see excerpts from scripts and art pages.  
*  Another patreon exclusive will be digital copies of not just some of the other comics I have previously written over the years but digital editions of some of Time Bomb's out of print titles which I hope you'll enjoy reading and will give you insight how I've developed as a creator and Time Bomb as a publisher.
*  There'll also be occasional prose stories that will be shared with my patrons before being published elsewhere.
*  I'll also be asking for your comments and critiques regarding the works in progress, giving you the opportunity to directly influence them. 
However, if you would prefer to give your support through buying from me at conventions or though Time Bomb's online shop, or backing the Kickstarter pre-orders, or sharing and liking what I'm doing on my social media channels, or just being a friendly face if we meet each other - that's terrific!  Your support for me and Time Bomb is valued and appreciated whichever way it comes!

Thanks for reading.


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