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About Daniella Mason

Being an independent artist is hard.  There is no consistency and no certainty.  HOWEVER, I am full of hope, drive, and faith and there are some pretty amazing people out there who have expressed interest in helping me in one way or another.  I've finally found an easy way to create a support team of sorts.  Here's the deal: I make the most amazing videos that I can for you, and in turn, you guys help me in whatever way you can!  You can select an amount (however big or small) to give per video that I release.  (Don't worry you can set a limit for how much you spend a month.)  There are some pretty rad incentives too.  SO.  Let's all have a blast and help each other!

So much goes into building a career.  Here's a glimpse of where your pennies are headed! 

1.  Creating and Releasing New Content
We are working on 2 singles to be released this summer and an album to be released this fall. We plan to continually release new music thereafter.  Along with the new music, we have several music videos and other visual content planned for release.  You will be a part of this process in an integral way. 

2.  Publicity & Marketing
We have assembled an amazing PR team that seeks to promote us in multiple arenas including online and radio promotion.  Getting my music out there to as many people as possible is a necessity for a successful career in the music industry, especially as an independent artist.  In addition, we will be marketing all of the new content planned for this year. 

3.  New equipment
We have a list of instruments and gear that we've been needing to get for quite some time.  Our live show is need of several new pieces of equipment in order to fully represent our sound.  Your support will directly affect the shows that we play for YOU!  So you're really doing yourself a favor. ;)

4. Manufacturing
This covers all product creation and manufacturing: the album on CD and Vinyl, t-shirts, posters, etc.

5.  Touring
This covers travel, room and board, my awesome band, food, and transportation.

And so. much. more.
$14 of $500 per Video
I will cry tears of happiness and then write, record, and video an original song JUST FOR YOU.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post