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All of my supporters will receive early access to my stories, once they have reached final draft status but before public posting.
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If one of you graciously sees fit to support me this heavily, I will happily engage in an hour or so of Skype, and answer any questions you like regarding my stories, writing techniques, or the like.
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For a cool $100, I will write a solid 2-3k word pony fanfiction story based on a prompt of your choice.  I reserve the right to modify or refuse objectionable prompts.  If you have a question regarding what I consider objectionable, contact me first!




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About Whiteout

Hi, folks, Whiteout here.  You may recognize my name from such stories as 'Grounded' or 'One Night in Manehattan'.  This campaign is something of an experiment for me.  You see, there are stories I want to tell very much.  However, I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, so I cannot dedicate the amount of time to writing that I would like.  So we have this campaign.

If my readers think that my work is worth a bit of their money, then I can afford to concentrate on it more.  In return, you, the reader, get early access to my rough drafts before final posting, as well as opportunities to give feedback and suggestions for my stories as they happen.

My works can currently be found on FimFiction, and on Equestria Daily.
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At this stage, I will immediately begin work on a chapter for one of my stories.
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