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is creating a 100% purchase-free online trading card game (and comics!)

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Over 12 months, a $5 contribution adds up to the cost of a newly released console game. We aim to provide you with at least as many hours of entertainment! Your contribution will allow us to maintain and expand Fatal Core. With a high enough volume of Patrons at this tier, Fatal Core would expand and thrive for many years to come, becoming a fully polished entry into the online TCG market. Benefits: high-resolution art files will be available for download, including some of your favorite Lead Characters, cards, and various bonus content! What's more, you will have access to Patron-only posts where we tease upcoming features and cards.
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Like our "no purchase" philosophy? Eager to take initiative and help build Fatal Core into something great? Here is your chance! Psion-level donors will receive access to our test server when it becomes available, allowing for some hands-on time with new cards and features. We will work together to make Fatal Core balanced, and every aspect of gameplay rewarding. Benefits: All benefits of the previous tier, + access to the test server as soon as it becomes available! (Est. June 2020)
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You've had some hands-on time with Fatal Core and you love what you see! You're excited about new content and eager to provide input. In addition to Psion-level benefits, we want to thank you for contributing to the community by sending you a physical collectible items. These will be sent out twice a year rather than a monthly basis. They could include original concept sketches, limited edition signed art prints, or other items. These rewards will be discussed with the community beforehand to ensure each item is something our backers will thoroughly enjoy. You will also be invited to a monthly developer meeting/Q+A session in Discord voice chat.




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Fatal Core is, and always will be, a 100% purchase-free card game! Many modern TCGs suffer from the cumbersome nature of the pack sales model. From a player's point of view, a strategic victory is diminished if the driving force behind it is money. Furthermore, it is expensive to drive sales: an expert team is needed to constantly create, analyze, and improve incentives for players to purchase packs. This is not efficient for small-scale TCGs! The consequences of clinging to this outdated approach have caused many promising card games to shut down prematurely.

We are here to try a different approach. Fatal Core will be crowdfunded through Patreon and similar platforms. We run on a policy of transparency and open communication. Our goal is to put the player community, the voice of which all too often goes unheard, into a co-directing role.

When it comes to gameplay, Fatal Core is just as innovative! There is no mana. Turns are simultaneous, creatures are played onto a 3x2 field where each slot has a bonus specific to your Lead character. Hands are almost entirely open, enabling what we call "predictive play" -- anticipate your opponent's strategy and plan your own accordingly instead of simply playing your strongest cards! Decks are small, with rich deckbuilding oriented around card rank. Games are short but filled with excitement.

The game is currently in Beta, with a Steam release planned late this year. We are moving along at a brisk pace and making significant improvements several times each week.

With your support, we believe that we can make Fatal Core a strong contender in the TCG market. Perhaps we can start an important conversation about how games can generate revenue more fairly as well!

Game link: https://fatalcoretcg.com

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/augzm4n

Our docs are publicly available. Check them out here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wvyrqadsNVVb4AadqntzlK5mx2nqDPCg95U-Kbtv0u8/edit?usp=sharing

$95.20 of $250 per month
  • A one-time gift package of 3000 PF will be awarded to each account!
  • S card drop rate will be doubled temporarily for 3 days!
  • 5 extra pieces of alternate art will be added to the game! Certain cards will have a chance to produce an Alternate version from a Paradox Pack at a very low rate. These highly collectible cards can be sold on the market. (Please allow 1-2 weeks after goal is met for implementation.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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