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Dear Future fans, even though I am 60 yrs. old now, my dream has always been to do something with my songs. I tried back in the early 70's, but when your in your twenties back then, you had a hole set of rules to follow. ( get a job, start a career, that you could take care of a future family,ect.) well now I did that, and played by the rules. So here I go again. It took a lot of courage to join these groups.(youtube, reverbnation, fandalism ) I'm not trying to be a great singer, but just trying to write songs. The support from these other sites I'm on , makes me think, Hey people like my tunes. I'm on a limited budget, and record all my songs on my Tascam 2488 neo. I would love to go to the next step. Thanks for reading Terry Schubert
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