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I believe that games are all wonderful works of art in many everlasting forms. I also believe that they shouldn't be locked down by a little thing called DRM. I want to help pave the way in providing all DRM-free gaming experiences to anyone who wants it! While doing so 50% of all profits made from each game sale will go to a listed charity! Not only will we share 50% of our profits to help support causes, but we promise to price our games competitively to help save you money! Oh, but lets not forget your reward for making a pledge to help make this idea come to life! By pledging $5 or more you will get 8 free games a month! Games like Trine and Lifeless Planet, and in the future you will receive a free copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Must Pledge $10)
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Pledge at least $5.00 and receive a free copy of Outlast as well as the standard reward of 8 games a month for every month you pledge!
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Pledge at least this amount to receive a reward of 8 games a month for every month you pledge! (note: games will be sent out over the course of one month and not all 8 at one time.)
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Receive all of the lower tier rewards plus a free copy of Arcade Craft and Proteus!
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When we reach this goal, a copy of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be given for free to everyone who pledged no matter how much upon release!
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