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About Mic’d Up Millennials

Straight from Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses! Mic’d Up Millennials is a weekly podcast that takes a satirical look at politics, tech, pop culture and personal experiences from the voices of 4 students.

Hosted by Colin Fracasso-Boone, Liam Martin, Payton Sprowls and Grant Morris, we’re just a few post-millennial (or Generation Z) friends having some fun with a podcast, but we can't do it without your support. Join us on our journey through these busy times by subscribing to our Patreon so we can raise money for our website hosting fees and new features planned to debut in the future like live streaming the podcast abroad. Plus, you'll get some awesome benefits by supporting us like being able to co-host the show, FaceTime us, call-in to the show or go behind-the-scenes in the making of each episode! 

Thanks for your support! - The Mic'd Up Millennials
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Once we reach 25 patrons, we will introduce live streaming capabilities on our website and abroad for ALL listeners to enjoy! And it’s all because of our supporters!
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