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Hey! Guess what? You want to help us out with new ideas for our vlogs? Well if you give us this much ^^^ you'll get to do a google hangout with us and talk about your ideas! Or ya know if you just wanna chat with us that's cool too!
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Because your beautiful sexy geekyfreeky self has given us this much moolah, you get a free G&F shirt which will also be signed by both of us!




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About The Geak and The Freak

Your gracious donations will be used towards many things, this would include cameras, tripods, microphones, lighting, editing softwares, etc. Purchasing products for them to be used in review videos, and anything else that we can find to improve our videos!
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We got a boring'ol plain background behind us that's whiter than a bowl of rice with a glass of milk in the middle of a snow storm. Help us change that... please.
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