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About GuitarBiz

I am offering an opportunity for people to know exactly what it takes to be an authentic guitarist. Your donation will help me provide, improve, and continue production of instructional and educational videos. I will share the tips, tricks, short cuts, and info I have found to be important on my journey from a beginner to professional. My goal is to continue my efforts, spreading real pertinent information to guitarists of all levels through weekly instructional videos.
Want to be a guitarist? Whether just starting out or wanting to learn what it takes to be a professional, I can help! Make a solid foundation right now by following me. I am a performing professional guitarist with a sustained, successful, years long, music career. This is your chance to learn from someone who has actually lived a guitarist’s life.
I can give you the real knowledge I have acquired as a real working professional playing shows, various gigs & sessions. Let me share what it REALLY takes.
The most basic, to the most advanced, knowledge will be offered to you as I share tips, tricks and hacks necessary for not only becoming a guitarist, but a professional level player.