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"Postcard Poem" is a short poem written on a postcard of any theme or subject matter. It may or may not be related to the picture on the postcard.
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Who am I?
My name is Anne Marie Bise, and I am a writer, poet, and blogger. I have always been a writer, ever since I was little and I was making up stories in my backyard and playing with my dog, D.J. My grandmother once called me "young author" and it has been my dream and goal to pursue this wholeheartedly since then. 

I am currently working on a manuscript of poetry that I would like to publish. I am also working for a literary magazine and I am interested in the pursuit of someday creating my own literary magazine or publishing company that creatively blends unique genres of poetry, fiction, and other stories. In order to successfully publish my book and get started on other projects, I need funds. I am hoping to gain support and fans from this experience, but also further connect people with something I am very passionate about; the written word.

My poem "The Death of a Poem" has appeared in the Torrid Literature Journal Volume X and I have a new poem, "Date Night" coming out in Volume XI of the Torrid Literature Journal. I have created a manuscript of humorous poetry that includes the many strange mishaps of life such as having an argument with your GPS in the car or being taken out on a cheap date for hot dogs at the gas station. I also write more serious poetry that delves into childhood memories and picturesque scenes in nature. In addition, I have created an illustration book that accompanies some of the poems I have written and I am interested in publishing my illustrations as well.

My Goals:
Here is what I would like to accomplish on Patreon.

1. Self-Publish "Confessions of a Young Poet": My first goal goes to successfully publishing my first book of poetry, "Confessions of a Young Poet". This book of poetry is a combination of free verse and rhyming poetry that takes you through distant memories, the beauties of nature, and nostalgia from my childhood. The wallpaper in my grandmother's house, playing "covered wagon" with my siblings, and the similarities between writing a poem and a cup of coffee are all different topics that I explore in this book. "Confessions of a Young Poet" is about more than just a book of poetry; it is about the exploration and transformation of a young woman from adolescence to adulthood. It is a sign of hope for others that yes, everything will be okay, and we can make it through each day if we cherish the moments that we have. My goal would be to publish this to Ebook formats as well as paperback.

2. Self-Publish "Poet Truths" Photobook:
If you haven't noticed already, some of my photos in this description show short pieces of poetry or a wisdom or "truth" about poetry that I would like to share with the world. I started the idea of "Poet Truths" on my Facebook Author page a while back to promote my workings as a writer, and I have gotten many likes and responses to it. I would like to publish a small photo book in which I include my wisdom and "poet truths" with the world. I would also make this one of the rewards if you pledge a certain amount of money to my project. (see below for the full specifications)

3. Create "We Speak Writer" Publishing Company: 
After I have successfully published my books, I would like to continue publishing, but first, I would like to create my own publishing company in the hopes that I could find other writers and create a community of like-minded writers interested in creating a publication company. My working name for the company is We Speak Writer. I am currently working as a poetry editor and getting my feet on the ground as far as how to create a publishing company. Of course, anyone who pledges to this project will become a patron of the company and be mentioned as a supporter of the company on our website and publications. 

Why should I help?
If you are passionate about poetry and pages and the written word, I would appreciate your help. The publishing industry these days is very difficult, and I have had my fair share of successes and frustrations with this. In order to start my career as a writer, I need all the help I can get, and if I want to begin my new chapter in life as a publisher and writer, I need you. The most important thing about writing is finding a group of people interested in what you have to say, people who will enjoy sitting down in their recliner years from now and escaping into the pages of a book. That's where you, the readers come in. If you supported this goal, you would not only be helping a lonely writer find her way in this world, but you would be enacting a chain reaction of new book lovers, poets, readers, and writers to come in the next generation. As a teacher, I truly believe that people learn by example. If you are interested in my project, please take a look at my social media platforms to see updates of what I will be working on. I appreciate your thought and consideration into this project. 

"Young Author"

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Successfully publish "Confessions of a Young Poet", my first book of poetry in Ebook and paperback formats.
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