Prodigal Son

is creating A stage play which examines Religion in America




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About Prodigal Son

We have a theatre in New York that wants to produce my play, PRODIGAL SON, which I am very excited about. However, additional funds are needed to offset the rest of the payroll in order for the cast and crew can get paid. Just to let you know we have procured the theatre space, everything else has been pretty much taken care of i.e -- Lights, sound, stage, set, props, etc. We are looking for an investment for little more seed money, basically for payroll, and advertising. Unfortunately we found ourselves coming up a bit short; was not anticipating that this production would be as large as we had originally thought. Looking for a little more of a push to cover the additional costs.
We are looking at a performance date in the fall of this year. This would mean a great deal to me as the writer of this play, so that my voice can be heard regarding the ethos of our American society and how our belief system of today still binds us together as a people even in spite of the Far Right's rapacious and aggressive attempt to pull religion out from under us to promote their own political agenda. I feel that this live theatre production will be a cathartic and more than gratifying experience that an audience can take away with them for a very long time. It will, we are certain, speak to the audience and resonate with them on a very personal and spiritual level long after the curtain is drawn.
No pressure to donate, however, if you know anyone who might be interested donating to the arts or might have an affinity to the subject matter, please, by all means, pass this on.

Any contribution to this over all collective experience would be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but by everyone involved .