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Hey there, I'm Mike BlueHair.
I'm a web Journalist/ Activist hybrid focused on Police Accountability.
Check out This Link for a more extensive look at what I'm about!
My career has taken me around the country to flash points of Civil Unrest such as Ferguson, MO, shortly after The Police shooting Of Mike Brown, the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge as well as covering the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes conflict with the Dakota Access Pipeline.This will be done from a critical perspective. The police don't get a free pass. I'm watching to keep them honest. Keep in mind this isn't for the kiddies! There is lots of crazy BS going down on the streets of our crazy world. I work on police accountability projects in a non-partisan way. You will see me covering all manner of events, left, right & center of all political lines. The bottom line is simply this- Everybody deserves police accountability! Although I have my own bias towards police accountability, I do conduct myself as objectively as I can while covering major news worthy events. That said, when I'm out on patrol filming police you may very well hear me interjecting my Anarchist perspective and dark sense of humor. I've worked on some form of Activist/media for the past 9+ years, Mostly video content. During the past 8 years I've exclusively devoted my time to the police accountability project Film The Police Portland.
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My goal is simple...... make my police accountability media sustainable enough to be able to bring what I do to the next level. Being able to travel to high profile civil unrest events and live stream them for the people to see would be a dream come true for me. The corporate media never tells the truth. Oh, and kicking the Police State right in the Balls Is plus!So, how bout you help do the funding, then set back and watch me make it happen. Please & thank you!
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