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We are a young British couple lovingly restoring a 200 year old farmhouse, deep in rural France. This beautiful old house throws up many treasures, from hidden fireplaces and washing stations, to 1920s Evian bottles and shampoo bottles issued to British and American soldiers during WW2, buried deep in half a century of old dung in the barn. With little building or DIY experience we are learning from books and Youtube as we try to restore the character of this old house, whilst settling into life amongst the colourful cast of local French villagers and trying to learn French.

Although learning French is a slow process for us, we try to immerse ourselves in the wider local community as much as we can, helping out at community events and helping local children and young people practise their English. At the same time, we are trying to continue our Wild Food philosophy by eating only fish and meat that we catch ourselves - despite our disastrous attempts at learning to sail a dinghy. We try to gather a wide range of fruits and berries from the hedgerows when the season is plentiful, although we mainly buy our fruit and veggies from the market because our garden is currently a building site!

For almost a year now we have been blogging for close friends and family about our progress on the house and the daily ups and downs of village life. It is difficult to find the time to continue the blog amongst our community involvement and the pressure of earning enough in a foreign country to keep the house restorations ticking along. With your support we would love to continue to document the adventure, adding a special modern element to the fascinating history and stories that already permeate these 1m thick walls.

It is easy to become a patron, just sign up and select the amount per post. Just to let you know from November 2015 we will be posting just one blog post per month. Thank you so much for your support as our journey unfolds! And look out for patron-only sneak previews of our creative projects.

Love Julia, Dan, Gypsy and Louis XXXX
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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